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"But God..." Post Conference Survey

1. Was the "But God ..." conference today beneficial to you?
How could it have been improved?

2. Did you feel your breakout session was informative?
Which Session did you attend?
How could we improve?

3. Did you enjoy the music ministry of Jillian Jones?

4. What are your thoughts on Darelyn Harrington’s presentation?
Should we include something similar next year?

5. Were you pleased with the lunch we prepared for you?
If ‘no’, how can we improve?

6. Did you use the Porta Potty or is there no way that will ever happen?

7. Overall, was it a fun, beneficial, and informative day for you?
If ‘no’, please share your thoughts and ideas for next year’s event.

8. Where did you hear about the KJLY Women’s Conference?

9. Why did you come this year? (Check all that pertain to you)

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